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  • Cat.No : 1-3-1
    모델명 : HSU-1000412
    제품명 : Slide glass
    사양 : plain
    판매단위 : 50ea/pk
    재고 : 보유
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  • Cat.No : 1-3-2
    모델명 : HSU-1000612
    제품명 : Slide glass
    사양 : frosted one end
    판매단위 : 50ea/pk
    재고 : 보유
    판매가 :


Microscope slides are made of soda lime glass of hydrolytic class 3 and are manufactured according to the standard ISO 8037-1.

Slides' surfaces
Our slides are cleaned thoroughly on automated multi-process machinery without using any surfactants. Thus we achieve well-wettable slides' surfaces which do not contain any residues of chemicals. Therefore, they are ready for use and suitable for adhering cells and smears of cell suspensions.
HistoBond® slides are coated especially to improve the adhesion of tissue sections.

Slides' edges
Our grinding and polishing processes are always carried out water-cooled.
This results in an excellent quality of the slides' edges which cannot be matched by any dry grinding process.

For different applications we offer microscope slides with 3 different types of edges:

Cut edges for economical routine diagnosis of non-infectious specimen

Smooth and burr-free wet ground edges with 90° shape
When handling infectious material we strongly recommend to use this type of slides for increased safety

Smooth and burr-free wet ground edges with 90° shape and with precisely clipped corners
Recommended for reducing the risk of cuts and for usage on some automatic machinery

Frosted end
Our silky frosted area is very well suitable for a fine and contrasty labelling. It has got a with of 20 mm by standard, however, other widths can be produced on special request. Twin frosted slides are more convenient as they offer more space for marking and can be used from either side without the necessity of searching which side bears the frosted area. As we manufacture slides with 20 mm at one end on both surfaces in larger production lots we offer them cheaper than the single-frosted ones.

Quality control
All our slides are subject to strict quality controls during production processes and on the finished product, too.

Transportation and storing
These conditions influence the quality of the slides considerably. Microscope slides should be stored in a dry place at constant room temperature.
When cooling down condensation may occur and penetrate between the slides causing them to stick together.
We recommend to let the slides reach room temperature before opening the cartons and using them. Do not store slides close to solvents as this might turn their surfaces hydrophobic.

Soda lime glass is subject to an aging process which affects the quality of the slides. It is recommended to avoid storing the slides for too long and to use the oldest stocks at first. Your early disposition of slides helps us to optimize our production planning and to supply freshly produced slides.

Microscope slides with cut edges, approx. 76x26 mm, thickness 1 mm, in boxes of 50 pcs., suitable for in-vitro diagnostic applications, CE  

plain (without frosted end)
frosted 20 mm (one end)

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